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Toastmasters flies high at the Federal Aviation Administration

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Speechmasters is the Toastmasters club at the Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters. Founded in 1959, FAA Speechmasters has steadfastly pursued its goal of providing a forum and a training opportunity for public speaking and developing leadership skills.

Many agency executives view Toastmasters as a valuable tool in developing future leaders within the FAA. They have realized that Toastmasters is a forum where FAA employees can hone their leadership and public speaking skills. Speechmasters combines the Toastmasters principles with a main tenet of the agency’s public policy goals – effective public communication of the agency’s mission, goals and objectives.

For example, members of the FAA’s Program for Emerging Leaders and Professional Women Controllers Association National Mentor Program are encouraged to join FAA Speechmasters to improve their public speaking skill. Through frequent practice in a structured environment, members learn how to feel comfortable speaking, avoid distracting fillers and eventually how to speak extemporaneously, without any notes. Over the years, dozens of member of the FAA’s Program for Emerging Leaders have joined FAA’s Speechmasters and benefited significantly from their active participation. In fact, the FAA leadership ranks today is stronger today because of Toastmasters!

If you want to improve your public speaking skill and strengthen you ability to lead others effectively while working at the FAA Headquarters  then come to FAA Speechmasters to start your journey to success. We’d love to have you join!

John Hughes is on the Editorial Team of District 27 Toastmasters and treasurer of FAA Speechmasters Club 2996, which meets at noon the first and third Tuesday of every month at the FAA Headquarters. For more information, visit the club website or email  FAA Toastmasters.

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