Strategic Relationships Path: Many Options to Boost Your Public Relations Skills

As District 27 prepares for its fall conference (Register here), members like you are navigating Pathways, Toastmasters new educational program. Pathways has 10 learning “paths” tailored to your personal and professional goals.

Among them is the Strategic Relationships path, which is designed to foster your skills as a leader in communications, with a focus in public relations. Communicating well interpersonally and as a public speaker is emphasized in each project, and the final level is designed to apply your skills as a leader in a volunteer organization.

The Strategic Relationships path has five levels. In the first Strategic Communications level, Mastering the Fundamentals, you will complete the following three projects: 1) Ice Breaker; 2) Evaluation and Feedback; and 3) Researching and Presenting.

In the second level, Learning Your Style, you will complete the following three projects: 1) Understanding Your Leadership Style; 2) Cross-Cultural Understanding; and 3) Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring.

Wanderer on path

In the third level, Increasing your Knowledge, you will complete the project “Making Connections Through Networking.” Additionally, you will select two electives from the following list: 1) Deliver Social Speeches; 2) Using Presentation Software; 3) Connect with Storytelling; 4) Creative Effective Visual Aids; 5) Using Descriptive Language; 6) Connecting with Your Audience; 7) Focus on the Positive; 8) Inspire Your Audience;

9) Prepare for an Interview; 10) Understanding Vocal Variety; 11) Effective Body Language; and, 12) Active Listening.

In the fourth level, Building Skills, you will complete a project on “Public Relations Strategies.” Additionally, you will select one elective from the following list: 1) Create a Podcast; 2) Building a Social Media Presence; 3) Managing a Difficult Audience; 4) Write a Compelling Blog; 5) Manage Online Meetings; 6) Question-and-Answer Session; and 6) Manage Projects Successfully.

In the fifth level of the Strategic Relationships path, Demonstrating Expertise, you will complete the following two projects: “Leading Your Volunteer Organization” and “Reflect on Yo

ur Path.” Additionally, you will select one elective from the following list: 1) Lessons Learned; 2) Moderate a Panel Discussion; 3) Ethical Leadership; 4) High Performance Leadership; and 5) Prepare to Speak Professionally.

With so many options in the Strategic Relationships path, it’s easy to wonder which ones are best for you. That’s why you should network with other Toastmasters, at District 27 events, like our Fall Conference, which will be held from November 10 – 11. Its theme is Shine! Shout! Share!, and you can register now.


Jay Krasnow (ACG/ALB) is the District 27 Public Relations Manager and a member of Challenger Toastmasters, which meets at Asahi Restaurant in Courthouse Plaza (2500 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite G), Arlington, Va., at 7 PM on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

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