Want to Get Motivated?: Try the Motivational Strategies Path (in Pathways)

by John Hughes

The Motivational Strategies path in the Pathways program tightly links public speaking skills with developing connections to a group of people in order to motivate them.  The goal is to use effective speaking skills to inspire and motivate a group or team towards a common goal or task.  Hence, effective public speaking is a means to develop motivational strategies for an intended audience.

As with the other Pathways learning experiences, there are five levels in the Motivational Strategy path, which are sequenced in increasing levels of complexity. The first levels focus on gaining proficiency as an effective public speaker. The rationale is that communicating to others is foundational to learning how to motivate them. There is one level devoted to appreciating emotional intelligence. It entails learning how to become an active listener:  You cannot motivate people unless you understand what motivates them, or how they respond to suggestions or to different ideas.  So becoming a good listener is clearly part of learning how to motivate people.

Once these two levels are mastered, then the individual in the pathways is trained to apply his speaking and listening skills to manage a group toward accomplishing a tangible task.  To motivate  people effectively, one actually has to motivate them to accomplish something – results being the ultimate proof of one’s mastery of motivational strategy.

So, if you would like to learn the interrelated skills of public speaking, active listening and how to motivate people, then this is the pathway for you!  To learn more about Pathways, including the Motivational Strategies Path (and to sign up for the educational program) visit the website: https://www.toastmasters.org/education/pathways.

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John Hughes is on the Editorial Team of District 27 Toastmasters and treasurer of FAA Speechmasters Club 2996, which meets at noon the first and third Tuesday of every month at the FAA Headquarters. For more information, visit the club website or email  FAA Toastmasters.

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