Your five steps to “Presentation Mastery” start here

by John Hughes

The Presentation Mastery path in Pathways provides tools to help you build your skills as an accomplished speaker and speechwriter. Like other paths, Presentation Mastery consists of five discrete levels of sequential development in which you, as a Toastmaster, study and practice to boost your skills in each presenting

Critical components of achieving presentation mastery include learning how to connect with the audience and anticipating how an audience responds to your words, tone, pitch and gestures. The five levels will teach you how to gain competency in these and other aspects of public presentation.

As in other paths, Presentation Mastery begins with an “Ice Breaker” speech. Comments and assessments from club members will provide you with guidance on what areas may require more attention in subsequent levels of the path. The second level helps you to understand your communication style, including your gestures and body language.

The third level gives you an opportunity to practice and gain proficiency in persuasive speaking. Training at this level gives you tools that will help you connect with your audience. For example, this training will boost your skill in alternating between speaking to and responding to the audience’s reaction. At this third level, you will complete two elective topics out of a total of twelve topics available.

At the fourth level, you will learn how to manage a difficult audience. As unpleasant at this may sound, managing difficult audiences is an essential component of presentation mastery. In the fifth, and final last level, you will demonstrate your expertise in presentation mastery with an extended speech that incorporates all the skills learned in the preceding four levels.

By completing the Presentation Mastery path you will gain an invaluable communication tool of that is applicable to a wide variety of circumstances: from social settings to professional conferences. If you’re excited about increasing your presentation mastery and to learn more about the Pathways program, District 27 Fall Conference is a great place to do that. It will be held from November 10 – 11. Its theme is Shine! Shout! Share!, and you can register now.


John Hughes is on the Editorial Team of District 27 Toastmasters and treasurer of FAA Speechmasters Club 2996, which meets at noon the first and third Tuesday of every month at the FAA Headquarters. For more information, visit the club website or email FAA Toastmasters.

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