Visionary Communication Path: Your Road to Becoming a High-Performance Leader

Samantha Lynch Johnson

Have you ever wondered how visionary communicators like Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King, Jr. communicated with people in their everyday lives? Were they inspired communicators all the time? Through the Toastmasters Pathways education program you, too, can learn to be a Visionary Communicator. While it might seem like a lofty ideal, you can learn how to lead, inspire and motivate your audience through storytelling.

You begin in the familiar Toastmasters place, mastering the fundamentals with your “Ice Breaker” speech, learning to give evaluations and feedback and researching and presenting speeches.  Once you’ve completed the first level, you work on your interpersonal communications skills by learning to understand your leadership style and your communication style. You then share what you’ve learned by moving from theory to practice with a module that introduces you to Toastmasters mentoring.

The projects in this path focus on developing your skills by creating a communication plan and developing innovative solutions.  In the third level, you focus on your audience by emphasizing speech writing and delivery skills. You can learn to engage your audience’s multi-modal learning by using presentation software or by delivering a social speech.  You build on those skills by learning how to manage online meetings, build a social media presence or manage projects.

The pinnacle of the Visionary Communication path is the demonstration of your expertise.  Whether you’ve dreamed of being a high performance leader, speaking professionally or leading a volunteer organization, this path will help you get results as a strategic communicator and leader. If your goal is more modest, say to improve your speaking skills, Visionary Communication will help you transform your everyday communications.

With so many options in the Visionary Communication path, it’s easy to wonder which ones are best for you. That’s why you should network with other Toastmasters at District 27 events like our Fall Conference, which will be held from November 10 – 11. Its theme is Shine! Shout! Share!, and you can register now.

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Samantha Lynch Johnson (CC), the 2017 Champion of the District 27 Speech Evaluation Contest, is Assistant to the District 27 Public Relations Manager and Vice President of Public Relations of Waldorf Toastmasters, which meets at Peace Lutheran Church in Waldorf, Maryland (11610 Rubina Pl, Waldorf, MD 20602), at 7 PM on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month

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