Become a Change Agent — The Dynamic Leadership Path

by Angela Davis

Do you admire leaders who steer a project, team or organization to success despite challenges along the way? These leaders are change agents.

Change agents lead in any situation, manage change and negotiate for the best outcomes and embody many of the main competencies that the Dynamic Leadership path in Toastmasters’ educational paradigm is designed to develop. The Dynamic Leadership path features the development of public speaking, interpersonal communication, strategic leadership and ultimately confidence.

The Dynamic Leadership path is part of the new Pathways educational program, which Toastmasters launched in 2016, after many years of development. The new Pathways format helps members develop holistically during their Toastmasters journey and meet the societal changes in communication, media and the workplace. Members choose one of 10 paths after completing an assessment to determine goals and identify areas for growth. Members achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster designation after completing 2 paths. Each path has 5 levels which build incrementally through a series of developmental steps–Mastering Fundamentals, Learning Your Style, Increasing Knowledge, Building Skills and culminates in Demonstrating Expertise. Each path is designed to help one become a fully dimensional communicator and leader; Dynamic Leadership is one of these 10 paths.

Dynamic Leadership begins as all paths begin with an Ice Breaker, an Evaluation and Feedback project, and a project on Researching and Presenting – Mastering the Fundamentals. Level Two focuses on Learning Your Style with exercises and projects in Understanding Your Leadership and Communications Styles as well as an introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring.
As you move farther along you have the ability to customize your learning experience as well as complete required projects designed to bring out and forge the dynamic leader in you. In Level Three the participant focuses on Increasing Knowledge through one required project focused on a crucial skill needed to bridge the gaps in teams and reach goals. Two additional projects are chosen as electives, most of which focus on the development of communications skills.
In Level Four which focuses on Building Skills, the required project—Managing Change—is complemented by options for electives which range from developing a compelling blog to public relations strategies.
The highest Level Five features two required projects—Lead in Any Situation and Reflecting on Your Path. These projects are enhanced by the completion of an elective all options of which are designed to Demonstrate Expertise gained through all of the competencies mastered throughout the path.
The Dynamic Leadership path is an exciting journey for Toastmasters who want to learn to lead groups and teams effectively and master public speaking, interpersonal communication, strategic leadership and gain confidence. Consider Dynamic Leadership as one of the paths you take to reach your goal to become a progressive and effective leader.


Angela Davis is a member of the District 27 Public Relations Blogging Team and is a member of the Burgay Advanced Toastmasters Club which meets on the 3rd Monday of the month, 7pm, at the Annandale High School, 4700 Medford Dr, Annandale, VA 22003.


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