Something to add to your ‘to do’ Iist: Become a district officer

by Birgit Schwenzer

As you flip your calendar from January to February, you may find yourself thinking about those new year’s resolutions you made – some which you kept, others which you didn’t.

There is still time to add one more successful pledge to your list: Become an area or division director!

The first half of the Toastmaster year is over and from my experience, I can tell you, being a division director is rewarding. When I put in my application (yes, you need to fill out paperwork to become an area or division director), I wanted to help others in District 27 become successful leaders too. Just like me, I’m sure you have some stories about how Toastmasters changed your life or you benefitted from your Toastmasters skills in your job or personal life. That’s why I wanted to give back to Toastmasters, and support its members in the area.

As Division F Director I get to do exactly that. The entire Division F team work tirelessly to improve your Toastmasters experience. We do formal and informal club visits; organize speech contests; coordinate Toastmasters Leadership Institutes (TLIs); and support expos recruit new members.

Being a District 27 officer allows me to practice my leadership skills and observe different leadership styles up close outside of the ‘seriousness’ of my day job. I meet fascinating people, get immersed in Toastmasters by visiting different clubs and get new ideas how to do things differently within the framework of Toastmasters. I’ve made friends, pushed my boundaries and gained more confidence. Yes, there are deadlines and must-do items, but it is fun to be part of such a team.  Just like every other task, it gets easier with experience. I look forward to the second half of the Toastmaster year, and to meeting those of you in Division F—and beyond— who I have not yet met.

If you want to gain leadership experience, make new friends, push your boundaries, advance on your Toastmasters journey and have fun, sign up for a District Officer position in 2018/2019! It’s not too late for a New Year’s resolution! I don’t regret I submitted the paperwork. I’m honored to be Division F Director.  To learn about applying to be a District 27 officer read the ‘Call for Nominations and Candidate Declarations’ page on the District 27 website.


Birgit Schwenzer (ACS, ALB, TC2) is the Division F Director in District 27 and a member of APS AdvancedToastmasters Club, which meets at the Annandale High School in Annandale, VA every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:45 – 9:00 pm.






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