Join One of District 27’s Specialty Clubs

by District 27 Club Growth Director, Robin Hylton

Did you know District 27 already has several specialty clubs that focus on specific areas of interest to Toastmasters? These specialty clubs will enrich and enhance your member experience.  Specialty clubs provide members a unique capability and utility usually not offered by most Toastmasters clubs.  The current list of specialty clubs includes:


  • DTM Masters (DTMs and Aspiring DTMs)
  • Burgay Advanced (Member and District Development)
  • APS Advanced (Aspiring Professional Speakers)


  • Japanese-English Toastmasters Club (Bilingual)
  • Que Pasa (Bilingual, English/Spanish)


  • Seasoned and Aspiring Leaders Toastmasters (SALT) (Leadership)
  • Storymasters (Storytelling)

One of our goals is to form more specialty clubs before June 30, 2018.  They are:

Language and Culture:

  • Arabic (Now Meeting)
  • Chinese (Now Meeting)
  • French (Now Meeting)
  • German (Now Meeting)
  • Vietnamese

Other specialty clubs we hope to charter if members express interest:

  • Sights and Sounds. A club designed to take advantage of residing in the DMV by going places and doing things unique to the National Capital Region.
  • Runners and Walkers. Are you a runner?  Are you a walker?  How would like to integrate Toastmasters into the mix?
  • Keepers of the Faith. There are lots of places around the DMV that are faith-based. How about joining a club that visits these religious institutions with a Toastmasters flair?
  • American Sign Language. Let’s explore the possibilities.

To facilitate the formation of the language and culture clubs and the other specialty clubs, the Club Growth Team has developed the DMV International Toastmasters Club, a unique specialty club.  The DMV International Toastmasters Club is an advanced club that serves as a parent club for proposed clubs and committees until the proposed clubs/committees have enough members to operate independently. The DMV International Toastmasters Club offers the following products, services and resident expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Club sponsorship, mentorship, and coaching;
  • Demo meetings, expos and open houses;
  • Chartering a club; and,
  • Special events, projects and activities.

If you are interested in being a member of the DMV International Toastmasters Club or one of planned/programmed specialty clubs, please contact District 27 Extension Chair Ralph Jones, DTM, at or call him at 703-475-3208.


Robin Hylton, DTM, is the District 27 Club Growth Director for the Toastmasters year that runs from June 2017 – July 2018.




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