Want To Boost Management Skills: Sign Up for ‘Team Collaboration’ Path

The Pathways Program was introduced into District 27 in March of 2016 to help guide members in mastering five core Toastmasters competencies—public speaking, interpersonal communication, strategic leadership, management and confidence.

Each of the 10 Pathways “paths,” as they are called, provides Toastmasters with opportunities to sharpen their communications skills by selecting a number of electives. The Team Collaboration path is designed to increase your interpersonal communication and management skills while also boosting your public speaking IQ and confidence.

Despite the relative newness of the Pathways program in the district, several District 27 members were recognized for their achievements in the Team Collaboration path, and other paths.

In fact, Program Quality Director Brenda Lawrence was recognized for her achievements in completing Level 4 in the Team Collaboration path at the District 27 Fall Conference last November.

Like the other nine paths that encompass the Pathways program, the Team Collaboration path has five levels that are progressively more challenging. The first level aids you in mastering the fundamentals, the second level helps you learn about your own leadership style.

The third level in the Team Collaboration path is designed to increase your knowledge of successful collaboration through a series of electives. Examples of electives in this path include “Connect with Storytelling” and “Using Descriptive Language.”

The fourth level—which Lawrence was recognized for completing—trains you in motivating others through an elective you complete. Motivation skills is a key skill in Lawrence’s role as Program Quality Director for District 27. For example, one of her principal duties is to plan the District 27 Spring Conference and motivate district members to attend.

The fifth and final level is designed to demonstrate your expertise in team collaboration. Like the third and fourth level, you will select from one of several electives to complete this level

If you would like to learn the interrelated skills of interpersonal communication, strategic leadership and public speaking, then this is the path for you! To learn more about Pathways, including the Team Collaboration path (and to sign up for the educational program), visit the website: https://www.toastmasters.org/education/pathways.


Jay Krasnow (ACG/ALB) is the District 27 Public Relations Manager and a member of Challenger Toastmasters, which meets at Asahi Restaurant in Courthouse Plaza (2500 Clarendon Blvd., Suite G), Arlington, VA, at 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

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