Public Relations Manager – Jay Krasnow, ACG/ALB

Jay Krasnow

I joined Toastmasters in 2010, when The Social Network —which depicted the rise of the “Facebook economy”—was nominated for Best Picture.  When I signed up for my first Toastmasters club I sought a hobby. But in joining Toastmasters, I found a calling (much more than a mere hobby) that ties into my career as public relations professional.

As I step into the role of Public Relations Manager, I’ve noted the changes to the digital presence of District 27’s—which encompasses more than 100 clubs in northern Virginia, southwestern Maryland and the District of Columbia—during the last 12 months.  The previous year saw the growth of District 27’s presence on Meetup, a social network. The Meetup site is used to promote both district events and to help clubs promote selected events, which we cross-post on Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites.

These social networks (and others like it) are tools both for connecting with our Toastmasters community, and for sharing the benefits of joining clubs in District 27 with prospective members. To that end, I’ve worked with a team in District 27 to build and implement a plan to expand awareness of our events and to boost attendance at these same events.  

To learn about upcoming Toastmasters events in District 27, to obtain resources to support club development to obtain articles with tips to boost your speechmaking IQ, please explore this website. Additionally, if you believe that joining the District 27 Public Relations Committee sounds like an interesting and challenging adventure, please contact me. 

Our mission as Toastmasters remains unchanged: “To empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.”  I’d be delighted to have you part of my team that brings the Facebook economy to District 27.

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