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Understanding Toastmasters language

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No matter where you work or what organization you belong to, the language will include acronyms. Acronyms do provide shortcuts when we write and sometimes when we talk. However, clear, concise language calls for our speeches to be as acronym and jargon free as possible.

On the District 27 site, we will strive to be clear and concise in our content, avoid acronyms where we can and be explicit in our virtual conversations. But for those times when you need to know, here is a little primer on the Toastmasters language:

Communication Track
CCCompetent CommunicatorThe 10 speech projects in the Competent Communication manual help you develop your speaking skills one step at a time. When you finish all the projects, you are eligible for the Competent Communicator award.
ACBAdvanced Communicator BronzeAchieve Competent Communicator award and complete two Advanced Communication Series manuals
ACSAdvanced Communicator SilverAchieve Advanced Communicator Bronze award and complete two additional advanced communication manuals and conduct any two presentations from The Better Speaker Series and/or The Successful Club Series
ACGAdvanced Communicator GoldAchieve Advanced Communicator Silver and complete two additional advanced communication manuals; conduct a presentation from the Success/Leadership Series, Success/Communication Series or a Youth Leadership; coach a new member with the first three speech projects.
Leadership Track
CLCompetent LeaderThis is the core of the Leadership track. The Competent Leadership manual features 10 projects that you complete while serving in various club meeting roles. An evaluator will give you feedback on each project, helping you to improve. When you complete the manual, you are eligible for the Competent Leader award.
ALBAdvanced Leader BronzeAchieve Competent Leader and Competent Communicator award; serve at least six months as a club officer (president, vice president education, vice president membership, vice president public relations, secretary, treasurer or sergeant at arms) and participate in the preparation of a Club Success Plan while serving in this office; while serving as an officer participate in a district-sponsored club officer training program; conduct any two presentations from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series
ALSAdvanced Leader SilverAchieve Advanced Leader Bronze award; serve a complete term as a district leader (district director, program quality director, club growth director, public relations manager, administration manager, finance manager, division director or area director); complete the High Performance Leadership program; serve successfully as a club sponsor, mentor or coach
HPLHigh Performance LeadershipHigh Performance Leadership features five projects offering instruction and practice in such vital leadership areas as developing a vision, goal-setting and planning, developing plans and strategies, and team-building. It also gives you feedback on your leadership skills. The program may be completed within your Toastmasters club, area or district, and even within your company or community.
DTMDistinguished ToastmastersRecognizes a superior level of achievement in communication and leadership. To be eligible for the award, you must have earned the Advanced Communicator Gold or Advanced Toastmaster Gold award and the Advanced Leader Silver or Advanced Leader award
TLIToastmaster Leadership InstituteToastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI). Many districts have found success using this format, in which training programs are conducted concurrently. In addition to the programs provided by World Headquarters, you can supplement additional courses, such as ones on evaluation, contest judging and leadership. However, the course schedule and content must guarantee that each club officer has the opportunity to get the training necessary for success in his or her specific role. TLIs provide value to: The schedule and courses offered make it flexible for club officers. Club officers can choose their electives, so they can attend sessions that are of special interest to them. A TLI requires more presenters, more planning and a larger facility with many meeting rooms to accommodate the concurrent sessions.
BSSBetter Speaker SeriesThe Better Speaker Series modules are designed as 10-15 minute educational speeches to be given in your club. They give practical tips that can be of benefit to all members.
Club Achievements
DCPDistinguished Club ProgramIndividual Toastmasters have goals to achieve and so do clubs. Each year Toastmasters International tracks each club’s progress toward set goals and provide recognition depending upon the number of goals a club achieved and how many members a club has. Awards are Distinguished (5 of 10 goals achieved); Select Distinguished (7 out of 10 goals achieved); and President’s Distinguished (9 out of 10 goals achieved).
Club Leadership
PRESPresidentAs the person who sets the tone for the club, you are expected to provide helpful, supportive leadership for all the club’s activities. You motivate, make peace and facilitate as required. Though you must occasionally step in and make a difficult decision, rarely do so without consulting club members and other club officers. Strive to show respect for all members, even when you do not agree with them, and provide leadership for all.
VPEVice President EducationAs vice president education, you schedule members’ speeches, verify the completion of projects and serve as a resource for questions about education awards, speech contests and the mentor program. You are an important source of Toastmasters knowledge for club members and it is your job to become familiar with all aspects of the Toastmasters education program.
VPMVice President MembershipYou promote the club and manage the process of bringing in guests and transforming them into members. By initiating contact with guests, helping them feel welcome and providing them with the information they need to join, you help maintain a constant influx of new people into your club. You also attentively monitor membership levels and strategize with the rest of the executive committee about how to overcome membership challenges when they occur.
VPPRVice President Public RelationsYou promote the club to the local community and notify the media about the club’s existence and the benefits it provides. You promote the club, update web content and safeguard the Toastmasters brand identity. It’s your job to notify the media whenever your club does something newsworthy. As vice president public relations, you’ll find yourself writing news releases, creating and distributing fliers and maintaining the club’s presence on the web and in the community
SECSecretaryYou maintain all club records, manage club files, handle club correspondence and take the minutes at each club and executive committee meeting. You are also in charge of updating and distributing a roster of the current paid membership and keeping the club officer list current for Toastmasters International. Though some clubs combine the secretary role with the treasurer, it’s best to have a dedicated secretary who can help reduce the workload of the treasurer and occasionally assist the vice president education as well.
TREASTreasurerYou are the club’s accountant. You manage the club’s bank account, writing checks as approved by the executive committee and depositing dues and other club revenues. You are also in charge of submitting membership-renewal dues to World Headquarters (accompanied by the names of renewing members), filing necessary tax documents and keeping timely, accurate, up-to-date financial records for the club. Though the treasurer’s duties are usually not the most demanding of all the club leadership positions, the consequences for members can be serious when they’re not completed accurately and on time.
SAASergeant At ArmsYou keep track of the club’s physical property, such as the banner, lectern, timing device and other meeting materials. You arrive early to prepare the meeting place for members and stay late to stow all the club’s equipment. You are also in charge of the meeting place itself, obtaining a new space when necessary and maintaining contact with the people who allow you to use the space for your club meetings. The sergeant at arms also has a role to play during business meetings, speech contests and other special club events. For example, the sergeant at arms escorts potential new members outside of the club’s meeting place while the members vote on admitting them to the club. The sergeant at arms stands at the door while contestants compete in speech contests to ensure that the speaker is not interrupted by latecomers
IPPImmediate Past President
CSPClub Success PlanThe club executive committee develops a Club Success Plan based on the needs and goals of club members. First, club officers determine how they will communicate, address conflict and hold themselves accountable. Secondly, club officers evaluate current situations, establish specific goals and develop strategies that can be used to achieve success. To help club officers in that effort, the plan identifies helpful resources that can be used. Finally, the plan calls for club officers to identify assignments, develop a timetable and track accomplishments. Earning recognition for a club isn’t something anyone accomplishes alone. It takes a team of people who are dedicated
District Leadership
DDDivision DirectorResponsible for directly overseeing and managing the district’s day-to-day operations, finances, and human resources.
PDQProgram Quality DirectorAs the program quality director, you are responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district. This includes supporting quality club programming efforts, promoting the Distinguished Club Program, and planning and executing the district conference. Together with your district leadership team, you participate in District Leader Training, Mid-year Training, and online tutorials. To be program quality director, you must have served at least six consecutive months as club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a lieutenant governor, division director, or area director. Once you serve as program quality director and training for a full year, you may not be re-elected to the same office for a succeeding term.
CGDClub Growth DirectorResponsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building, and member- and club-retention efforts within the district. This includes defining an overall marketing strategy for the district, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing community and corporate clubs, and penetrating new markets. Additionally, the club growth director supports challenged clubs and helps them to become Distinguished.
PRMPublic Relations ManagerResponsible for coordinating publicity efforts in the district.
DIV DIRDivision DirectorLead and support the division through the supervision and support of the area directors
ADArea DirectorServe as the direct liaison between the district and the clubs. There are three to seven clubs assigned to an area.
IPDDImmediate Past District Director
DECDistrict Executive CommitteeIncludes the district director, program quality director, club growth director, public relations manager, district administration manager, district finance manager, division directors, area directors and immediate past district director. Apart from these leadership roles, only individuals who are invited by the district director and have specific business before the committee may attend district executive committee meetings.
International Leadership
TIToastmasters InternationalToastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our organization has more than 345,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,900 clubs in 142 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.
WHQWorld HeadquartersThe principal place of business of Toastmasters International is World Headquarters, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Toastmasters International employs more than 150 professionals at World Headquarters.
IDInternational DirectorInternational directors are members of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, each representing one of the fourteen Toastmasters regions. International directors are elected to two-year terms.
IPInternational PresidentDevelops and supports the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.
IPDGInternational Past District Governor
IPIDImmediate Past International Director
LGETLieutenant Government Education and Training
LGMLieutenant Government Marketing
PIDPast International Director
PIPPast International President
PROPublic Relations Officer
WCPSWorld Champion of Public Speaking
PWCPSPast World Champion of Public Speaking