Club Growth

Photo of worker measuring woodMeasure your club’s foundation

Any district is only as good as the clubs that serve as its foundation. Club Growth is an essential part of the Toastmasters Organizations. It’s grassroots efforts that empower Toastmasters. The stronger the clubs, the stronger the organization — and the more benefit you get from your participation.

There are times when clubs, even the best of them, need help. So how to clubs grow?

Foundation. Clubs need to strengthen their foundation first. Moments of Truth, the Successful Club Series, is an ideal place to start. The series asks club leaders and members to take an honest look at these areas to determine where the strengths are and where improvement needs to happen:

  • First Impressions: First impressions are important to club success because guests’ positive experiences and observations determine whether they will return and become members.
  • Membership Orientation: In order to offer members the greatest benefit from the Toastmasters experience, the club must acquaint new members with the Toastmasters education and recognition programs and make members aware of the club’s responsibility to them and their responsibility to the club.
  • Fellowship, Variety, and Communication: The club retains members by providing a fun, friendly, and supportive environment that encourages enjoyable learning.
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organization: When club meetings are carefully planned, with well-prepared speakers and useful evaluations, members are able to meet their education goals.
  • Membership Strength: When the club has enough members to provide leadership and fill meeting and committee assignments, this creates a lively, active club that benefits existing members and draws new members in.
  • Achievement Recognition: The club motivates members to stay active by monitoring members’ progress toward goals, submitting completed award applications immediately, and consistently recognizing member achievement.

The series also includes a best practices chart that gives challenges, possible causes and suggested fixes.

There is more help for clubs just getting started or for those who need a reboot. Contact the Club Growth Director to discuss your needs or to volunteer as a club mentor.

Here are some additional resources for marketing your club:

Marketing Resources for Growing Clubs

Toastmaster Club Websites:

Social media to consider:

Before adding a social media account for your club consider the time most social media accounts require to maintain and whether your club members will benefit from and want to use these tools. Please note that the following links will take you outside of District 27 and Toastmasters International. Neither is responsible for content on the following sites, nor does District 27 require the use of any social media tools.

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