District Elections

Candidate list for the 2017-18 election

The following names are the candidates for the District 27 2017-18 Toastmaster Year:

District Director
Program Quality Director
Club Growth Director
Division A Director
Division B Director
Division C Director
Division D Director
Division E Director
Division E Director
Division F Director
Division F Director
Christine Hobbs, DTM
Brenda Faison, DTM
Robin Hylton, ACS, ALS
Nathan Sepherd, CC
Christine Nez Nalli, ACS, CL
Ellen Tappin, CC, ALB
Vann-Di Galloway, DTM
Beverly Byam-Hercules, ACB, CL
Mary Pearson, ACS, CL
Birgit Schwenzer, ACS, CL
Dale Sowell, ACB, ALB

District 27 members interested in volunteering to serve as an Area Director for next year should submit the following forms to Hal Jones, DTM and chair of the District Leadership Development Committee:

The applications will be forwarded on May 6 to the District Director elect, who will consider the applicants for appointment to the Area Director position.

In addition to the District candidates above, other District 27 Toastmasters may run for office. Interested candidates must submit the Nominating Form, Candidate Application, and Officer Agreement and Release Form to Hal Jones.  These applicants must run as candidates from the floor at the annual business meeting on May 6, which is scheduled during the District 27 Conference.