Brenda Faison, DTM

Club Growth Director

Fellow District 27 Toastmasters,

Welcome to another exciting year in Toastmasters! Thank you for your commitment to the growth and sustainment of clubs and members in District 27. We are better because you are here!

Together, we can be the change we want to see for our District. We can do this by Amplifying our stories | Maximizing our Impact through participation | Growing our District for continued success.

Let’s all contribute to the success of our District by visiting sister clubs, mentoring fellow members, taking on leadership roles throughout the District and inspiring others to give their best. As your Club Growth Director, I anticipate hearing your ideas for new clubs, and the stories of increased joy in your current club environments.

I am passionate about our program and energized when considering the possibilities that lie ahead us this year. We all have much to offer in our sphere of influence by taking the lead to touch the lives around us with our stories, leadership and mentoring opportunities. Opportunities that will help build confidence, change perceptions and transform lives for the better.

I ask for your support and commitment to our clubs and members as we embark upon this new year of growth.   There are three areas of importance for us to focus on at this time in our District: Growth, Retention and Club Excellence. I’m looking forward to partnering with each of you to reach our full potential.

Our Club Growth vision is to serve each of these areas in a way that expands the possibilities, awareness, and participation for all engaged leaders. To support this effort we will provide Coach training for aspiring clubs, and Mentoring programs to help both new and established clubs.

Remember: Together lets Amplify our stories | Maximize our Impact | Grow our District.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

Brenda Faison ACC, PMP, DTM
Club Growth Director 2016-2017


Club Growth Staff Members

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Extension Chair

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Retention Chair