Alonzo White, DTM

District Director

Hello Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope all of you experienced some success in your Toastmasters journey last year. Success can come in many forms. During this past year perhaps you belonged to one of the 54 clubs that were distinguished or better last year; or perhaps you earned one of the 438 educational awards earned by our District 27 members; or perhaps you were one of our 15 district leaders whose areas and divisions were distinguished or better. Perhaps your success was measured in other ways; maybe you joined Toastmasters after years of contemplation, or you helped start a new club that was badly needed in an area where there were no Toastmasters opportunities available, or you reached out to someone else and help them to become part of the Toastmasters family. Regardless of how you measured your success I congratulate you on your efforts and your achievements.

Now we’re in the new Toastmasters year and it is time to set new goals, lay new plans, make new commitments with fellow members, and to build upon the successes we achieved in the past. In Toastmasters, as in life in general, the benefits come not with one success here and another one there but rather the sustained ability to repeat success over and over again. Our focus this year will be building sustained success by understanding and applying the tools and methods for achieving success and by sustaining that success. Our journey is to learn and understand the elements that comprise success such as goal setting, planning, organizing, commitment to performance, and grabbing the ring of achievement. We all have different goals in life but we know to achieve our goals we must somehow achieve successful outcomes. This is a process that we do not do alone in Toastmasters as we are all on this journey together. And together we will achieve great things both individually and collectively.

My hope for you this year is that you will take advantage of all of the opportunities available through Toastmasters to help you to achieve and sustain your personal goals. It will be the goal of my District 27 team to ensure that you and our fellow Toastmasters have the opportunities which will allow you to fulfill those goals. We are here to serve you. Have a happy, prosperous, and successful Toastmasters New Year!

Alonzo White, DTM

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