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Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) was established to meet requirements set by the Toastmasters International’s Distinguished Club Program. However, the key reason for attending club officer training at TLI is to provide the best opportunity for officers to serve their members and meet their needs. Well trained offers lead to member satisfaction, higher retention rates, educational and fun meetings, and to distinguished status for clubs.

District 27 TLI Schedule

Training is complete for this Toastmaster year. Thanks to all of our attendees and trainers for a great year!

Be sure and check the TLI stats to ensure your club is counted!

TLI Stats

Below, you will find the current Division 27 TLI statistics. Please verify that your club’s officers received proper credit for the training they attended. If you find errors, contact the Program Quality Director.

TLI Stats for 2016-2017 Updated!