Education Resources

In this section of our web site you’ll find information that may be useful for education in Toastmasters.

Education Materials

Education Materials – Toastmasters International
Additional Education Information – Toastmasters International

 Expanding Your Horizons – Success/Leadership and Success/Communication Programs*
Member Achievement Record 

*Successful completion of one of these presentations (or Youth Leadership) is necessary for Advanced Communicator Gold.

Education Award Applications

Award Application for the Competent Communicator

.   Complete all 10 projects in the Competent Communication manual and submit.  First time CC recipients receive two free advanced manuals from Toastmasters International.


Award application for the Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Silver, (ACS), and Gold (ACG).

Award application for the Competent Leader. The requirements include: Complete all 10 projects in the Competent Leadership manual. Complete both sides of the application. By completing the 10 projects and receiving the new CL award, you will be eligible to apply for the Advanced Leader Bronze.  CL Tracking form – click here to download

ALB: Prequisite: Complete the Competent Leader Award (above). Those completing the “old” competent leader award *MUST* complete the Competent Leader Award book (above) to be eligible to receive the Advanced Leader Bronze.

ALS: Prequisite: Complete the High Performance Leadership, Year of Service as a District Officer, Successful Club Coach, Sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist, AND complete the “old” Competent Leader prior to June 30, 2008 or the Advanced Leader Bronze Award (above),

DTM: Prequisite: Complete the Advanced Leader Silver (or AL prior to June 30, 2006) and the Advanced Communicator Gold (or ATMG prior to June 30, 2006)