Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Distinguished Toastmasters MedalDistinguished Toastmaster is the highest level you can achieve. The award recognizes a superior level in both communication and leadership and is earned when in part after you earn the:

  • Advanced Communicator Gold or Advanced Toastmaster Gold award
  • Advanced Leader Silver or Advanced Leader award

This means you have given at least 37 presentations, served as a leader at the club and district level, mentored a new member and given at least a 90-minute presentation. You also must have completed a High Performance Leadership project and helped to start a new club or help a weak club become strong.

A High Performance Leadership project is one that has:

  • specific goals and time frame
  • requires advance planning, tracking and execution
  • exercising leadership by organizing and leading a team
  • provides lessons learned

This can be done inside or outside of the Toastmasters’ family. A professional, community or association project is a good way to use this training mode. Be sure to purchase the manual and follow all the steps, including recruiting a guidance committee and action team.

During the process toward earning the DTM, you should find that you are becoming a stronger person and a stronger professional. Self awareness is key to this process as is honest, helpful guidance by at least one mentor.