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As a District 27 member you are in a unique position to be among the first Toastmasters to experience Pathways, the revitalized education program for communication and leadership. District 27 members could begin experiencing pathways in March, only the second district to do so.

Toastmasters Pathways web adThe current education program has served Toastmasters for many years. However, much of the communication track hasn’t been updated since the 1970s.

The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is not a departure from the current program, because it builds on the established educational foundation. Pathways is a modernized learning experience suited to our changing global society. It offers you more benefits and more opportunities to learn, grow and meet personal and professional goals. You now have the opportunity to develop additional skills you can use not just in your club, but at your job or in your community as well.

Your progress toward awards in the current education program won’t be transferable to Pathways because the projects and structure of learning in the programs are different. However, you still have plenty of time to complete awards you are working toward. When Pathways rolls out into the last two regions—regions 8 and 9—there will be a two-year transition period to allow you the opportunity to complete your work and move over to Pathways.

Pathways many benefits to members include:

  • A learning experience tailored to your personal and professional goals
  • The opportunity to develop many skills relevant to an evolving global marketplace
  • Recognition of educational achievements that will come earlier and more frequently
  • New technological resources to improve speeches and support meeting roles
  • Online access to educational materials
  • Videos that model the skills you are learning

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