Base Camp

Explore Base Camp:

  • Access all of Illustration: Computer with Base Campthe materials for your learning experience, including your feedback, transcript and printable materials
  • Track your progress, connect with members from your club and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working online or in select print paths on dynamic projects that provide real-world, transferable skills.

Your paid membership covers the cost of your first path. However, if you choose the printed materials option, there is a $25 printing fee. The cost for an additional path is $20. Each time you opt to work with printed materials rather than online, there is a $25 printing fee. If you enroll in Pathways online, you may print out any of the materials in Base Camp.

We suggest that the first few times you visit Base Camp take time to explore. Watch the videos and learn where the various links take you. Also, be sure to talk to your Vice President of Education and other members about your experience with Pathways.

For more detailed information read Toastmaster’s Navigator. This is a new introduction to Toastmasters via Pathways, including information about Base Camp and explanations about badges, levels and your individual training.

Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education should start new members on Pathways using Navigator.