How Pathways works

Choosing your path

Before you head down the Pathways trail, you need to understand which direction you should go. The best way is through the online Pathways Assessment that will help look at your skills, interests and goals. The tool will recommend the three paths that best match your responses. However, you are free to choose any three of the following paths:

Grid with Pathways buttons

  1. Motivational Strategies
  2. Presentation Mastery
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Innovative Planning
  5. Visionary Communication
  6. Strategic Relationships
  7. Dynamic Leadership
  8. Persuasive Influence
  9. Effective Coaching
  10. Team Collaboration

Each path is made up of five levels of increasing complexity. The program is designed this way so you’re always building on what you learned in the previous level. All learning paths contain the following levels:

  • Level 1: Mastering Fundamentals
  • Level 2: Learning Your Style
  • Level 3: Increasing Knowledge
  • Level 4: Building Skills
  • Level 5: Demonstrating Expertise

Every path has required and elective projects. Path recognition is achieved when you complete 14 projects across all 5 levels—a combination of 10 required projects and 4 elective projects chosen from a comprehensive list covering a variety of subjects. Each project includes at least one speech. Though you are required to complete 4 elective projects, you have the option to complete as many as you would like.

Read more about Base Camp.

Distinguished Toastmasters award

You may still work toward the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster award. The new requirements are:

  1. Complete two learning paths.
  2. Serve as a club officer for 12 months. (If your club has six-month terms for officers, you can fulfill this requirement by serving as a club officer twice, but you don’t have to do it in consecutive terms.)
  3. Serve as a club mentor or coach.
  4. Serve as a club sponsor or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership program.
  5. Serve as a district officer for one year.
  6. Complete the Distinguished Toastmaster project. You are required to create and implement a project of your own design and demonstrate the skills and expertise you have gained.

Distinguished Club Program

The Distinguished Club Program is an annual award program recognizing clubs that provide an outstanding member experience. Through your achievement you  play a vital role in your club’s goal to win this award. There are six educational club goals you and members of your club can fulfill:

  1. Four members complete Level 1 in a learning path
  2. Two members complete Level 2 in a learning path
  3. Two additional members complete Level 2 in a learning path
  4. Two members complete Level 3 in a learning path
  5. One member completes Level 4 in learning path
  6. One member completes Level 5 in a learning path