Pathways Guides

Pathways Guides are a As an important member of District 27’s team. They work closely with the district leadership and are the first point of contact. The district’s Pathways Guides will:

  • Conduct club visits to raise awareness about Pathways
  • Educate club members about the program
  • Support vice presidents of education by scheduling regular virtual support sessions and helping to answer many of their questions.

If you or your club needs assistance with Pathways, first contact your vice president of education or your club president. They can help facilitate a learning sessions or get answers for you.

District Pathways Guides and their assigned clubs are:

Alonzo White

  • DEA Surround Sound
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Komen Toastmasters
  • Kohoutek Toastmasters Club
  • UPO Community Leaders Toastmasters
  • Fast Forward Toastmasters

Anton Vanterpool II

  • Michael Baker
  • Voices of SHRM Club
  • ASCO Speak EZ
  • USPTO Toastmasters
  • Alexandria Treetop Speakers Club
  • M Pleasant Baptist Church Tm Ministry
  • City of Alexandria Toastmasters
  • Old Town Toastmasters (Dinner Club)

Bessie Johnson

  • CGHQ Toastmasters Club
  • DIALoguers Club
  • Bolling Toastmasters Club
  • NRL Forum Club
  • Park Place Toastmasters
  • Talk of The Town Club
  • Patuxent River Tm’s Club
  • Chesapeake Toastmasters Club
  • Presidential Speakers Club

Brenda Lawrence

  • Capital Superior Speakers
  • SQIIDS Toastmasters
  • Orators of Infrastructure
  • SAM FOX Toastmasters
  • On Guard Toastmasters Club
  • New Creation Entrep & Busin Power Hour
  • Carlyle Toastmasters
  • SPACE (SPA: Communicating Excellence)

Carlos Velazquez

  • Bloomberg BNA Toastmasters Club
  • Ballston Toastmasters
  • ARC Toastmasters
  • Bluemont Trail
  • Que Pasa
  • NRECA Power Speakers
  • Free And Wild Toastmasters
  • J-Talkers
  • CACI Ballston Toastmasters
  • Network Express Club

Hal Jones

  • T-S-A: Tackling Speaking Aggressively
  • Anchor Toastmasters Club
  • SALT
  • HUD Toastmasters Club
  • New Southwest Club
  • School Street Toastmasters Club
  • CNCS Toastmasters

Iris Taylor

  • Capital Guardians Toastmaters Club
  • DC Stars and Bars
  • Federal Toastmasters Club
  • Pathfinders Toastmasters Club
  • Capitol Hill Toastmasters
  • Library of Congress Toastmasters Club
  • Personnelly Speaking Club
  • Naval Audit Service Thursday Club
  • Naval Audit Service Tuesday Club
  • Trident Toastmasters
  • Lone Star Toastmasters

Jenny Genser

  • LUCKY Toastmasters Club
  • Park Center Toastmasters Club
  • Spirited Speakers Club
  • Alexandria Health Department
  • Analytic Speakers
  • IDA Toastmasters
  • Tongue-Tied Trainers
  • Great Communicators Club
  • DTM Masters
  • Speak-NG

Jim Call

  • Crystal Clear Speakers
  • Energy Toastmasters Club
  • QSSI DC Chapter
  • Smithsonian Toastmasters
  • OCC Speakeasies Club
  • PMP Experts Toastmasters
  • Patriot Plaza III
  • HHS Toastmasters
  • Federal Center Southwest Club
  • Helen Burkett Toastmasters Club

Jim Heeren

  • PENTAF Toastmasters Club
  • Pentagon Legacy Toastmasters Club
  • Helmsmen Toastmasters Club
  • 5-Star Toastmasters Club
  • Crystal City Evening Toastmasters Club
  • Mark Center Evening Toastmasters
  • APS Advanced Toastmasters
  • Annandale Toastmasters Club
  • The Burgay Advanced Club
  • G.U.T.S. Club

Pia Duryea

  • Suitland Federal Club
  • State Of Speaking Club
  • Japanese-English Toastmasters Club
  • Deloitte Rosslyn Toastmasters Club
  • First Edition Toastmasters Club
  • Toast Of Arlington Toastmasters Club
  • Challenger Toastmasters Club
  • BEA Club
  • Defense Health Headquarters (DHHQ)
  • NOVA Toastmasters Club

Ralph Jones

  • New Generation Toastmasters
  • MBC Speak-Ez Toastmasters Club

Sandy Decker

  • Maple Springs Baptist Church TM Ministry
  • F.A.M.E
  • Calvert Toastmasters
  • Oxon Hill Toastmaster
  • Andrews Club 2184
  • Waldorf Toastmasters

Susan Penney

  • Money Talks
  • Accenture Big Talkers
  • USDA Toastmasters Club
  • NCR, National Park Service
  • Potomac Center Toastmasters
  • FCC Toastmasters Club
  • Speak Up Club
  • FAA Speechmasters Club